Lectures, Workshops and Online Education

  • Available as a lecturer or workshop facilitator for garden groups, design and master gardener groups, colleges and others.
  • A reputation as one of the most innovative and imaginative of garden lecturers, particularly for the Rabbit's Eye View workshop on long-term plant performance.
  • Past appearances at the North West Flower Show (Seattle), The Chicago Botanic Garden, The Philadelphia Horticultural Society, American Society of Landscape Architects, Seminary Eco-Landscape (Moscow) and many many more in UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria. Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Uruguay, Czech Republic.
  • For lecture topics see here.


  • I have a background in adult education and am particularly interested in developing interactive teaching programmes and workshop for local groups of garden designers, landscape professionals or master gardeners.
  • Following my PhD research, I have developed a teaching methodology which works very well in a garden context – students have to get out and down on hands and knees to closely observe plants - 'The Rabbit's Eye View'. We look primarily at 'reading the plant' to predict its long-term performance as a garden or landscape plant. This workshop has proved very successful with everyone from amateur gardeners to landscape architects; designers and managers. For details please look here.
  • There are many other potential workshop topics too, looking at various aspects of planting design and garden plant management - many of the lecture topics below can be adapted. Please email me to discuss. For details please look here.

Online Education

  • I work with MyGardenSchool, currently with two online courses up and running, one on perennials and the other a collaboration with Piet Oudolf about his planting design. I also work with them as a content advisor. Online is increasingly the way we are all going to learn, and I am very keen to promote access to high quality, informative and accessible teaching, relevant to amateur gardeners, professionals, designers and the landscape profession.

Contact me on noelk57@gmail.com  if you would like to discuss a possible booking.

        The banner image above was with Учебный центр 'Эко-образование' in 2014.


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